International Protein WPI Amino Charged
International Protein WPI Amino Charged
International Protein WPI Amino Charged
International Protein WPI Amino Charged
International Protein WPI Amino Charged
International Protein WPI Amino Charged
International Protein WPI Amino Charged

International Protein WPI Amino Charged

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What do you get when you take whey protein isolate, boost it with natural whey peptides and then super-charge it with the maximum legal amounts of L-glutamine and L-arginine? We’re talking about our incredibly popular Amino Charged WPI, which offers the following benefits:

  • Advanced Amino Recovery Technology
  • Grass-Fed WPI plus Whey Peptides
  • Added Glutamine & Arginine
  • Stabiliser Free for Rapid Absorption


Containing a whopping 35g of high-quality whey protein per 40g serving, this whey isolate is the most delicious ‘whey’ to boost protein nutrition and recharge your system every day.


Whey isolate contains the highest protein content (94% by dry weight basis), is extremely low in fat and is comprised of less than 1% carbohydrates and sugars. The low fat and sugar content can help with weight loss and increasing lean muscle mass. Our grass-fed WPI protein powder is naturally high in bioactive peptides for muscle tissue synthesis and immunoglobulin proteins for immune system support.

This nutrient-packed protein is a rich source of all the essential amino acids and contains the highest concentration (24-25%) of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), especially leucine, of any protein source. BCAAs help facilitate muscle recovery after hard training or sport.


This product contains di and tripeptides from carefully hydrolysed whey protein isolate for ultra-rapid absorption. Whey peptides start the muscle-building process by stimulating the liver to produce anabolic growth factors that stimulate muscle growth and enhance muscle recovery.


The natural fermented L-glutamine in this supplement is produced from rice, without the use of chemicals, so there are no toxic residues. In this product, you’ll find only pure, clean L-glutamine to assist with recovery and immune function.

Free-form L-glutamine and L-arginine are added to the naturally occurring glutamine and arginine in our whey protein isolate to boost their levels closer to those found in other types of protein, providing an even stronger amino acid profile. L-glutamine and arginine are ‘critical cluster’ amino acids that help spare muscle during periods of low energy intake or dieting. If you’re trying to shred, this product can help you to maintain your muscle mass while burning fat.


There is absolutely nothing diluting this pure protein, just high-quality protein and amino acids available for your body to digest at the fastest possible rate. Why pay for whey protein isolate and then slow its quick absorption with vegetable gums, thickeners and fillers?


  • Easily Digested – we source the highest quality whey protein isolate, fastest digesting hydrolysed whey protein isolate (whey peptides), and free form amino acids for rapid and efficient assimilation.
  • No Vegetable Gums or Soy Proteins – so it won’t leave you feeling bloated.
  • No Gluten – no cheap glutamine peptides derived from hydrolysed wheat or low quality wheat proteins, making it suitable for coeliacs and people with wheat allergies.
  • 100% Great Taste – a range of delicious flavours that will leave you wanting more.
  • Ultra-Low Fat – 99% fat-free for guilt-free supplementation to help with weight loss.
  • No Aspartame – sweetened with sucralose for a pleasant taste and no unwanted compounds.
  • Easy Mixing – just add water and shake. Amino Charged WPI mixes quickly and easily into a light, delicious shake without the need for a blender.

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