Frequently Asked Questions

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Supplements are what we class a formulated sports food, which we use to help support or aid our lifestyle and nutrition for what we are lacking or do not get from our food.
ex. If you are not getting enough protein in your diet you'd supplement a protein powder in to help support sufficient protein intake for recovery and regeneration of muscle tissue.

Supplements are classified as Formulated Supplement Sports Food which fall under the legislation of the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code.
The supplement industry is also monitored and legislated by TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) which regulate goods and ingredients which fall under the classification of a therapeutic good. A Therapeutic Good must have evidence that supports its claim which is governed by the TGA Legislation.

An example of a formulated supplement sports food is a protein powder such as rule 1 protein
An example of a therapeutic good is a vitamin or mineral such as Herbs of Gold.

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Yes we do!
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It is very common for people to some times feel sick from pre workout formulas.
Why though?

Well there are a few things such as time of the consumption, was it taken in the morning or afternoon?
Were you hydrated?
Did you eat?
How much caffeine was in it?
How much caffeine did you have before taking the pre workout?

Typically it is morning trainers who do not eat and therefore with the lack of food become sick at expense of the caffeine absorption.

It’s super important to eat, if you still find yourself getting sick we'd suggest pushing food back to an hour out from pre workout consumption to allow for digestion rates. 

Having a pre workout that contains Di-Caffeine Malate will allow for the absorption of the caffeine and prevent upset stomachs. 

It’s 70-75% caffeine with the remainder being an Malic acid base which will support the digestion.