Vantage Leather Weight Belt
Vantage Leather Weight Belt
Vantage Leather Weight Belt
Vantage Leather Weight Belt
Vantage Leather Weight Belt

Vantage Leather Weight Belt

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Support your back with the Vantage Strength Weight Lifting Belt. Made from premium leather for long lasting comfort and performance. If you're doing heavy deadlifts, squats etc, a good strong weight lifting belt is essential for maintaining correct posture and reducing injury. Featuring a quick release buckle, you're in and out, focusing on your lift.

Key Features

* 100mm wide split leather

* Quick release, heavy duty steel buckle

* Padded lumbar for comfortable, strong stabilizing support

* Durable saddle stitching

* Plush suede interior

* Multiple leather and synthetic layers provide a rigid firm fit

* Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

* Available colours: Black, and White

Sizing Chart

Small 27-33 Inch Waist
Medium 31-37
Large 35-41
Extra Large 39-45

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