Wine Consumption

Wine Consumption

How many times have you heard in the media or from peer pressure the saying;

"A glass of wine is good for the heart." 

"A glass a day keeps the doctor away."

"A glass of wine a day reduces stress." 

No, that glass of wine is not good for you or your heart!

A 2018 Lancet study looked at over 600,000 drinkers with no history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes. 

They found one drink per day lowered the risk of non fatal heart attacks but raised the risk of all types of strokes such as coronary and aortic aneurysm. The studies concluded that for cardiovascular diseases less is best.

Along side cardiovascular diseases alcohol interrupts the transcription of genes involved in muscle growth by impairing IGF-1, signalling in men but not women. 

So next time you wish to drink alcohol by all means enjoy it and have fun. But do not abuse it, use it as a treat on a one off occasion. Ensure you are well hydrated, have consumed all your meals for the day and know your limits. 

It is most important if you are planning a big night on the drinks do not train before going out and the day after drinking ensure you focus on restoring hydration, eat nutrient dense foods and rest. Why? Because alcohol will impair IGF-1 which is key for protein synthesis breakdown. So training will only be a waste in terms of muscle gain/strength performance.