S.A.R.M.S - (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators)

What are SARMS?

SARMS are compounds similar to testosterone therapy in the sense that the compounds target a selective receptor in order to initiate one specific response. SARMS promote anabolic cell activity whilst avoiding majority of the side effects we see today in other compounded anabolic’s.
For example if you use Rad-140 (testosterone based) it will target the LH Receptor which stimulates testosterone secretion.  

The Application of SARMS:

SARMS were created/formulated to help in the treatment of many cancer patients, help with muscle wastage diseases and also applied to performance enhancements.

SARMS are used in both males and females and are safe to do so. 
Males priodominately use SARMS for lean muscle mass enhancements, but females may also use SARMS. Studies show that the pelvic floor of a female contain a large viscosity of androgen receptors. The pelvic floor can be damaged in the presence of physical stress, SARMS have restored pelvic floor muscles and proven a viable supplement for both parties.

What are the side effects?

The industry has a tendency to stir up these wacky effects of supplements which gives the use of certain ingredients and compound a negative association.

SARMS are completely safe if used with proper nutrition and training and having optimal health prior to use. Along with the directions of use being abided by.


  • Acne

Acne is a side effect many uses stress about. If you are increasing Testosterone you take the risk of getting acne. However the severity will depend on you as an individual. Our advise is if you already suffer with acne it will only get worse. If you have good skin and rarely get acne then you are at a very low risk of obtaining acne.


  • Roid Rage/Heightened Aggression

This is another interesting effect that many talk about or associate elevated testosterone. Aggression is a behavioural trait that is carried by someone from past trauma, up-bringing and reaction to a conflict. Using SARMS will only heighten aggression when the individual already displays traits of aggression or a short fuse.


  • Hormone Imbalances

Like anything in the body when a supplement or a chemical compound is added to change the normality of the biochemical structure and reactions of the body, the body imitates a biochemical reaction called Negative Feedback which is the reaction to bring the body back to homeostasis (balance). Use of SARMS will decrease and impact a lot of hormones such as Testosterone, Oestrogen, SHGB, HDL. The natural production of these concentrations will be significantly depleted, so it is important to understand and have a thorough PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) ready and at disposal, prior to consumption of SARMS. 


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