Creatine is arguably one of the most popular natural supplements on the market. Creatine Monohydrate is the most common, however many other forms of creatine exist and are available in the sports and nutrition market.

Creatine Supplementation assist in strength increase, fat free mass and muscle morphology. Creatine is an adaptive supplement that operates at a cellular and sub-cellular level. 

Creatine is produced endogenously at an amount of 1g/day. The synthesis process of creatine occurs in the liver, kidney and pancreas. Creatine stores in the skeletal muscle and the remaining stores in the brain, liver and kidney. 

Predominately creatine is taken in the consumption of 3-5g per day for extended period of time by athletes and weight trainers for increases or improvements in strength and mass. Creatine is found in meat sources, which means vegans and vegetarians have lower concentrated levels. 

Research show that the average male has a creatine pool of approximately 120-140g which varies person to person. However an individual who participates in intense exercise or heavy resistance training can find their creatine pool decreasing. Studies show that a loading of 25g/d for one week followed by a 5g maintenance over a further 49 day period attributed to an increase in total creatine pool resulting in rapid Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) regeneration between working sets. Following this loading and maintenance dosage over a 12 week intense resistance training program resulting in an 8% increase in 1RPM and endurance. 


Creatine is an amino acid that comes in multiple forms with the most popular being Creatine Monohydrate. Creatine can be used for strength increase in conjunction to a strength program alternatively can be used for anaerobic exercise for performance endurance. Loading creatine for one week at 25g/d followed by 5g maintenance for males and 21g/d followed by a 3g maintenance for females has proven effects of increasing strength by up to 8-14% more and increase IGF-1 Levels. So if you are after some impressive mass and strength increase as well as muscle morphology, creatine is for you. 


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