Muscle Building 101: The Fundamentals You Need to Know

Muscle Building

Before you start building muscles, you must understand what muscle-building is. Muscle building, also called muscle hypertrophy, is the increase in muscle cell growth, and it's a process that's typically` kickstarted by resistance training and taking the right muscle building supplements. You have to push your muscles hard, commonly by lifting heavy loads for your reps. This stimulates the release of muscle-growing hormones and some other metabolites.

To help you understand this better, here are some of the fundamentals of muscle-building you need to know about:

You Need Protein to Maximize Muscle Building

Even after several hours of resistance training, the majority of muscles still contain the same amount of protein. The only way to increase protein in your muscle cells is by feeding your body protein. Studies show that adding as little as 20 grams of protein to your daily diet can help you build muscles faster.

Protein induces the synthesis of new muscle cells, and it actually blocks the breakdown of muscle tissue for as long as it is present. So, the more protein your body has, the more protein it will use to build new tissue and the less it will use to break down old tissues.

You Need More Calories

Your body needs the energy to build muscles, and you supply it with the right amount of calories needed to sustain and do the work of muscle-building.

A 200-pound adult male can burn around 2000 calories daily. If you have a large amount of muscle mass, this amount will be much higher. So if you do not add more calories to your diet, you will actually lose muscle since your body will use more calories than needed to maintain the muscle cells.

You Need More Than Isolation Training

When you do isolation training, you take advantage of a few muscle fibers, and you put them under stress. This means that you won't be able to get the number of repetitions you need to get to properly build muscles.

On the other hand, when you do compound movements, you stimulate many muscle fibers, and you can lift heavier loads. This increases the demand for your body to build muscle faster.

Post Workout Meals Are Important

Post-workout meals are important because they help you maximize your muscle growth. When you have a post-workout meal, your body will be able to quickly assimilate nutrients, and the muscles will be able to grow.

The best way to have this meal is by eating a lean source of protein, such as chicken breast, with some complex carbs and healthy fats. This will help you recover quicker, and you will be able to start building muscles again.

You Need to Challenge Yourself with Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is very important. It is a strategy that enables you to steadily lift heavier loads, and this helps increase your muscle-building potential.

When you lift heavier loads, your body is forced to get stronger, and you will actually be able to lift heavier loads to stimulate muscle growth.

This strategy is basically consistent. You have to challenge yourself in every muscle-building workout you have. If you can easily lift a certain weight for your reps, you need to increase the weight in your next workout session.


This guide on muscle building should give you the basic knowledge from which you can build and develop your muscles. There are many useful guides available on this topic, but this one is the most helpful for beginners. From getting the right amount of protein from food and muscle-building supplements to challenging yourself with progressive overload, I hope this will help you achieve your muscle-building goals. 

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