goBHB® also known as Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, is a patented ketone which is formulated from compound solutions. 

goBHB® can deliver a boost to athletes, gamers, busy professionals and low carb dieters as the liver converts fats to ketones, which serves as an alternative energy supply for the brain, heart and muscles. 

With goBHB® you are ingesting a ready to use carbohydrate-free ketone, resulting in more energy, performance and focus without the oxidative stress associated with sugar or simple carbs.

goBHB® Benefits:

  • Endurance
  • Focus
  • Cognition
  • Energy
  • Satiety
  • Longevity

goBHB® Applications: 

  • Add to coffee
  • Add to tea
  • Brain health products
  • Intra workout supplements
  • Low Carb/Keto products
  • RTD
  • Pre workout supplements
  • Weight Management Products