Excess Protein Effects in Resistance (Trained Individuals)

Excess Protein Effects in Resistance

There is a lot of debate around how much protein is to much? In this article we will unlock all the effects both positive and negative in relation to excess protein intake.

Dietary Protein intakes of up to 2.9g/kg or 1.3g/lb and protein intakes before and after resistance training may increase recovery time, strength adaptations results in hypertrophy. However this is unclear as to whether portion quantity or timing is central to the positive effects. 

Studies show that when energy intake and protein intake were controlled for a short term trial, high protein intakes of 2.9g/kg did not improve the markers of muscle damage or soreness in comparison to the recommended intake or moderate intake of 1.8g/kg. 

Further studies support over a short term trial of 10 days the high protein intake of 2.9g/kg significantly improved the lower body performance aka Legs, whilst also maintaining bioelectrical phase angles. 

In studies around protein metabolism and performance it is shown that high and moderate consumptions had an positive effect of the nitrogen balance within the body resulting in an improved protein metabolism. Whereas the low consumption of 0.94g/kg had a low effect of 0.57 on the balance however all protein dosages showed no effect on (IMP), isometric contraction or peak performance force.


For Resistance Trained individuals it is advised that a moderate dietary intake of protein dosed at 1.8g/kg would still maintain overall performance, protein metabolism, muscle protein synthesis and breakdown effect as well recovery. 
For trained athletes who want to improve their leg performance it is advised to increase protein consumption within the day of resistance being applied to the lower body should be increased to 2.9g/kg of bodyweight. 



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