Common Myths about Protein Powder You Shouldn't Believe

man drinking protein shake

When you're working out, you need more protein. Whey protein supplements are a convenient way to boost your protein intake. However, there are a few common myths about these supplements that tend to keep people away from using them. We've debunked some of the most common of those myths!

Common Myths about Protein Powder You Shouldn't Believe

1 - Protein Powder Is Unnatural

While protein powder might be unnatural in part, it's not any more unnatural than consuming a steak or any other common source of animal protein. Some of the most popular protein powder is made from eggs, which is also unnatural. In fact, the only protein powder that is not made from animals is vegan protein powder.

2 - Endurance Athletes Will Not Benefit from Protein

Contrary to popular belief, endurance athletes can benefit from protein supplementation. In fact, many endurance athletes rely on protein powder to recover after workouts and to maintain or even increase their muscle mass.

3 - Exercise Equals the Consumption of Protein Shakes

While most people believe that exercise leads to protein shakes, the opposite is also true. If you've been exercising without any supplementation, you may have lost muscle mass, too.

4 - Protein Powder Is Expensive

While not all protein powders are cheap, many good quality protein powders are very affordable. To keep the costs down, it is recommended that you buy in bulk. You can find many high-quality protein powders in 10, 20 and even 50-pound quantities.

5 - Protein Powder Is Only for Bodybuilders

While bodybuilders are the most frequent consumers of protein powders, this doesn't mean that protein powders are only for bodybuilders. Anyone looking to build muscle, lose weight or simply maintain their current weight can benefit from protein.

6 - Protein Powder Makes Ladies Bulky

The idea that protein powder makes ladies bulky is a myth. On the contrary, women who lift weights, who eat a diet rich in protein and who take protein powder are more likely to lose body fat than women who don't.

7 - Protein Powder Is Bad for Your Kidneys

Many people who are on dialysis are recommended to take protein supplements. Kidney failure does not mean that your kidneys are defective. Kidney failure is caused by illness, which means that the kidneys are working harder to cleanse the body of toxins. When you deprive your body of protein, you deprive yourself of the essential nutrients it needs to heal itself. Protein supplements are safe for your kidneys and can help you to recover.

8 - It Should Only Be Consumed after a Workout

Protein supplements can be consumed at any time of the day. In fact, some experts recommend drinking them for breakfast, especially if you have a busy morning ahead. If you have trouble getting enough protein throughout the day, try taking a protein shake before you go to sleep and another one when you wake up.


Taking protein supplements is not a new fad. The only drawback of these supplements is that many people are misinformed about them. Protein supplements are not only safe and effective, but they are also affordable and good for you!

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