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Our CEO Stack

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Welcome to our experts advise for this given training stack!

We have sat down and created an amazing stack to assist you and guide you on the bare minimum supplements you will require for your goal of gaining muscle.

Now as always, supplements we use as a tool around your nutrition and training application to enhance and optimise what you are or aren't doing.

Let's take a look into what we have got here for you;

#1 Cyborg Sports WPI
WPI stands for Whey Protein Isolate which is a grade of protein that is a more refined powder which is light and easy to digest, this also allows for faster absorption rates which is essential and our preferred protein for workout timings.
We advise utilising 0.4g of protein x your body weight pre and post workout (in relation to resistance training RT). By accomodating to this dosage you will ensure sufficient dosage of the amino acid Leuciene for your muscle protein synthesis (MPS), In basic terms; the regenerating of your muscles for growth.

#2 Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine Monohydrate is the most studied along side protein for its positive enhancement on the human body.
You need to look at creatine in the same eyes you do for carbohydrates, however creatine is the superpowered version of carbs.
Creatine Monohydrate stores as CP (Creatine phosphate) in the body which stores like glycogen (carbs) which when energy demand exceeds supply limits, these storage facilities come into play to supply the demand. Creatine is used in high anaerobic thresholds so for example; Sprints, Explosive Jumps, 1-3 Rep PBS, Punching. Essentially any movement that is so quick that lactate acid doesn't become noticable.
We recommend to use for MALES - 25g/day for 7 days, following the 7 days drop down to 5g daily for maintenance.
For FEMALES - 21g/day for 7 days, following the 7 days drop down to 5g daily for maintenance.

#3 Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch
The number one killer to fat loss and muscle gain is stress... CORTISOL!
Cortisol is a stress hormone that is responsible for breakdown, so when we train it breaks down your muscle for it to then be synthesised again.
When we are in an argument it will secrete which increases the level of the cortisol hormone and increases adrenaline as your fight or flight response. When you are stress physically or mentally, cortisol is going to be a higher levels then base line which is completely normal.
However when the tools of food, sleep, recovery, or the inevitable is not preventable that is when cortisol can be causing more harm then good.
We recommend to add Adrenal Switch to your regime at 30 mins prior to bed or post workout following the hour to help lower your cortisol through Ashwaganda and if taken prior to bed will assist in supporting better sleep quality (REM).


#4 Evogen Aminoject
Aminoject is utilised within this stack to enhance muscle hydration through its electrolyte blend and also to optimise leucine synthesising for optimal muscle recovery. The use of other amino acids aid in free available amino acids within the blood circulation which the body can synthesise into available glucose during training to enhance performance. 

#5 Evogen Glycoject

Glycoject is a carbohydrate based product which is specifically used for optimising glycolysis (glucose metabolism) over fatty acid oxidisation. Glycoject offers premium ingredients that enhance aspartate levels which are clinically proven to enhance hypertrophy effects.  A key ingredient which is not typically shown in other carb powders is Guanidinopropionic Acid  which puts the body in systematic hypoxia which is a state of low oxygen saturation, which has significant benefits for enhancing metabolic stress to optimise hypertrophy and performance. 

These are our 3x fundamentals for any beginner when it comes to gaining muscle, our other premium stacks will take into consideration typical nutrition faults and accomodate to those.

If you need any further help please visit our side tab and click 'Our Company' to schedule a call with one of our qualified coaches and experts around what supplements are best for your current regimes.

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