5 Active Case Cotton Candy

5 Active Case Cotton Candy

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"Okay, I get it... 5's one powerful Mumma of a Number...But why are you called 5?" You say. 

We'll get there, don't you worry.
In 5 Active Energy we have the following 

50mg of S7™
Yep, that's a 5
500mg of Nitrosigine

A 5 again you say?

5000mg of Glycerpure

You better believe that's a paddlin'.. I mean 5

5 Flavours 

Another POWERFUL 5

55 Green Coffee Beans

Two 5's is twice the power

"Wowee, that's a lot of 5's," I hear you saying to your screen.
Now let us break it down for you.

50mg of S7™ is 35
500mg Nitrosigine® is 10 times more 5's than S7™
5000mg of Glycerpure is 10 times more 5's than Nitrosigine®
55 Coffee beans is twice the power of one 5. 
Using the correct combination of subtraction, addition, dividing and multiplying results in two undeniable answers.
Our power level was over 9000. 
5 is a pretty great number.

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We care about you

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Always getting advised to buy all these products with no education as to why?

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