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Protein Switch is a carefully selected blend of organic sprouted vegan proteins chosen to provide the best amino acid profile possible.

Switch Nutrition wanted to make sure their protein was highly absorbable, tasted great and was not gritty like many other vegan proteins. To achieve this, we they used Smooth Protein from organic sprouted pumpkin seed and sprouted watermelon seed.

We also use organic sprouted hemp seed protein as a complete source of highly digestable essential amino acids (eaa’s). Hemp provides a unique bioavailable protein called edestin as well as high quality essential fatty acids (efa’s).

The addition of organic sprouted pea protein and wild crafted algae protein balances our amino acid profile perfectly and adds diversity to help support your results.

Adding Velositol® enhances absorption and utilisation of the amino acids found in Protein Switch to ensure maximum benefits.

Why choose us?

We care about you

Are you sick of always getting sold rubbish?
Always getting advised to buy all these products with no education as to why?

Our team are fully qualified industry professionals. We provide a-lot of scientific studies and educational articles for you to learn and adopt. Any questions you have or problems we are here to guide and educate you.

We pride ourselves on quality service

Everything from the products we sell, to the process it takes you to purchase or understand what you are using, to the moment it gets to your door step.

We are always pushing for 5 star premium service!
Every email, text, phone call is treated with care by our team.
We offer cheapest shipping rates to the quickest deliveries.

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