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When you train with heavy weights or perform at a high intensity, muscle tissue is broken down, amino acid levels become depleted and immunity can also be compromised.

Breach breaks down the barriers of recovery with a 2:1:1 ratio of Branched Chain Amino Acids’ (BCAA’s), up-regulates hydration status and reduces muscle soreness as well reducing the risk of muscle loss during high-intensity training as well.

Bridge the gap on your competitors.

  • Increase Recovery
  • Reduce Soreness
  • Delay Fatigue

During exercise, critically important electrolytes become depleted, leading to an increased risk of dehydration, a reduction in performance and in some instances a higher risk of injury.

Utilising key ingredients to maximise the uptake of water into the cell, alongside both natural and added electrolytes, Breach is the perfect muscle recovery and hydration product to help bolster your supplementation protocol.

Core Ingredients


Branched Chain Amino Acids are 3 primary amino acids found in muscle tissue and are responsible for the building and repair of muscle tissue. Supplementing with BCAA’s around training has been shown to reduce post-workout muscle sorness, enhance muscle retention during a dieting phase and can also improve performance intra workout when sipped on due to their energy sparing benefits and regulation of important neurotransmitters for brain function.


Known as a hygroscopic ingredient, glycerol draws water from the extremities and aids in super hydration of muscle tissue. Supplementing with Glycerol around your workout can not only enhance hydration but has also been linked to inducing muscle tearing pumps.

Coconut Water + Electrolytes

Naturally occurring coconut water contains key electrolytes, with specifically high levels of Magnesium, supporting hydration status. Coupled with added potassium and sodium, which are responsible for balancing the internal and external hydration status of the cell, this electrolyte formula ensures hydration is maintained and performance can be improved.

Final Thoughts

Supplementing with Breach daily or specifically around your workouts will support hydration, as well as enhancing the recovery process post workout after a heavy resistance or high-intensity workout.

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