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Beta Alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body and is known as a rate-limiting, accumulative performance enhancer.

Daily supplementation of Beta Alanine has tremendous efficacy in the literature and is linked to a specific improvement in lactate threshold, with a general improvement in anaerobic performance as well, especially in an athlete/individual that trains on the lactic acid threshold or consistently goes in and out of anaerobic acidosis.

After exogenous consumption, Beta Alanine is used to create increased levels of an intramuscular di-peptide known as Carnosine, which is responsible for the buffering of Hydrogen ions accumulated during exercise, which are directly responsible for a reduction in exercise performance.

Beta Alanine is best supplemented daily and is suited to any individual training or competing at a high level of intensity on a consistent basis.

Primaforce uses a GMP certified high-quality Beta Alanine that has been tested for purity so you can be assured of quality.

Note - Supplementation of Beta Alanine may result in a common side effect known as paresthesia, which is characterised by a tingling sensation of the skin. This is perfectly normal and causes no harm to the individual.

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