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At Growth Labs Australia we are always in search of new ingredient combinations for our supplements. With our newest balance transitioner, Estrodrine, our researchers have created a five-ingredient supplement for men and women designed to inhibit conversion and restore total balance.

The Issue of Unbalance

Individuals who are in a state unbalance will struggle to see results, become sloppy and can see a serious loss in natural alpha factor, not to mention they’re at a higher risk of overall deterioration. Women in this state can often feel erratic, as well as frumpy and sluggish. Estrodrine utilises a unique combination of ingredients to create total balance.

Estrodrine as a PCT Supplement

Estrodrine can be used by both men and women and is perfect for either natural or enhanced athletes. To recover from external pro alpha supplementation of any kind, Estrodrine makes the ideal PCT product to help you restore natural balance.

Key Points

  • Can be used as a PCT for both natural or enhanced athletes
  • Assists with total balance for men and women
  • Reduces frumpiness and helps beat the bulge
  • Improves natural alpha factor
  • Improves overall drive and reduces sluggishness.

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