Beast Super Test

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Beast Super Test


This powdered testosterone booster enhances anabolism, strength and libido to assist men in maintaining optimum fitness so they can perform at their peak.


Beast Super Test contains Pucture vine extract to increase natural testosterone levels - the male anabolic hormone. With 4 different types of nitric oxide boosters including the potent Agamatine Sulphate, this Beast Nutrition Test Booster also maximises nitric oxide production. Elevated nitric oxide levels induce vasodilation and improve the delivery of nutrients, like glucose and amino acids, to muscle tissue so you can keep on training like a champion.


Along with the potent steroidal saponins from Puncture vine, Super Test also contains ingredients to help reduce the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This keeps testosterone levels as high as possible.  

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