Tribeca Health General Health X50 Vita Matcha
Tribeca Health General Health X50 Vita Matcha

X50 Vita Matcha

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Looking for an undeniably refreshing, super hydrating and the ultimate energy-boosting green tea to pump your body with all the goodness and nutrients it needs to accelerate your results in and out of the gym? X50’s game-changing new and improved Green Tea Vita-Matcha formula is your number one choice!

Boasting new flavours and new active ingredients, Green Tea Vita-Matcha calls on the benefits of a unique blend of Matcha Green Tea, Green Tea, Vitamin B and Goji Berries to help stimulate your metabolism, accelerate fat burning, improve gut health, and enhance recovery. Combined with the goodness of antioxidants and essential amino acids to ramp up energy and hydration. X50 Vita-Matcha is sugar and aspartame free, gluten-free, naturally sweetened and low in calories, so you can enjoy the ultimate energy boosting and performance enhancing formula without straying from your diet plan.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Gluten free
  • Sugar & Aspartame free - Naturally sweetened 
  • Promotes energy production - Vitamin B plays an important role in increasing energy production by helping turn carbs into fuel for your body to use as a source of energy. Vitamin B has been added to the formula to reduce tiredness and fatigue and to increase your supply of energy so you can train to your full capacity at the gym, and enjoy an extra boost on your days off. Additionally, Green Tea Vita-Matcha also contains a naturally occurring caffeine for enhanced focus and energy! 
  • Helps to balance electrolytes - Electrolytes help to balance the amount of water in the body, balance the body’s pH level, move nutrients into cells, move waste out of cells and ensure that your nerves, muscles, heart, and brain are functioning normally. As such, Magnesium has been added to the mix to help balance electrolytes. 
  • Boosts metabolism & promotes radiant skin - The formula is loaded with Polyphenols, which are found in Green Tea and Matcha Tea. These polyphenols are antioxidants that play an important role in boosting metabolism and improving skin radiance and glow. 
  • Promotes gut health - In addition to the metabolism and skin improvements, the antioxidants found in Green Tea and Matcha Tea are also known to improve gut health by balancing the good bacteria. Did you know that Matcha contains 137x the amount of antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea? 
  • Supports recovery - Combining the essential amino acids found in Goji Berries and the properties of Magnesium, Green Tea Vita-Matcha offers a potent formula for improving muscle recovery.

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