Horleys Sculpt

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Horleys Sculpt is a high quality protein source derived from whey and soy designed for women with busy, active lifestyles to assist with weight management as it helps you maintain and tone your muscles for more effective fat loss. Horleys Sculpt provides complete nutritional support and is ideal after training, as a meal replacement or as a high protein, low carbohydrate snack.


Sculpt Shaping Protein contains L-Carnitine (fat transporter) which transports fat into a cell where it can be used as a fuel for working muscles thereby aiding fatty acid metabolism along with Hydroxycitric Acid which may inhibit fat production and suppress the appetite. Horleys Sculpt helps you stay satisfied for longer, helping you to manage cravings and over-eating, assisting weight management and helping you reach those goals of a healthy, toned physique.


Horleys Sculpt provides a full vitamin and mineral profile combined with inulin a prebiotic and dietary fibre source to promote the  growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and to maintain a healthy digestive system. Eat smart, look good and feel great with Sculpt for women.

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