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So you have heard about probiotics, prebiotics and maybe even symbiotics before, but what about modbiotics?

As always, ATP is doing it a little different and they have created a complex of polyphenols, glucans, lectins and polysaccharides to aid in the modulation, control and support of a healthy gut.

  • Reduce Bad Bacteria (Firmicutes)
  • Increase Good Bacteroidetes
  • Modulate Microbiome Symbiosis

Modbiotiocs are antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial compounds that help control the symbiotic relationship of gut microbiome by reducing the ‘bad’ bugs and increasing the ‘good bugs’.

In a society where our food consumption is largely supporting the proliferation of increased levels of bad bacteria, the importance of modulation could never be as great as it is now.

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Improve Micronutrient Utilisation
  • Decrease Dysbiosis

GutRight by ATP is taking modern science and mixing it with the modern man/woman to create the most effective gut support formula available today.

Why feed (prebiotics) the weeds (bad bacteria) when you can kill them off?

Traditional gut health protocols stray from the idea of modulation and instead focus more on putting additional fuel on an already ever-growing fire.

The key to having a healthy gut microbiome is having the bad bacteria diminish while the good bacteria flourish, which is exactly what GutRight is designed to do.

Whether you are looking for a daily protocol for general healthy gut function or a complete overhaul, GutRight can be used to ‘clear out’ and ‘clean up’ your gut however best you need it.

But before you get started… you need to know what to expect!

Known as the Herxheimer reaction, GutRight is designed to create a “kill off” phase of bad bacteria, which means you may experience some rather unpleasant side effects.

What to expect:

Day 1-3

In most cases, individuals with an abundance of Firmicutes in this phase will experience large amounts of gastrointestinal gas build up and byproduct creation to the reactions your body is experiencing.

Excessive levels of flatulence and stool movements with a noticeably strong odour may occur.

This is normal and will pass, however, due to the ‘die off’ reaction you may experience, this is unfortunately unavoidable in some cases.

Day 3-7

At this point in time, your body is experiencing the greatest accumulation and removal of bacteria, which may result in both an increase in the quantity of waste removal, as well as an increase in frequency.

Excessive visits to the toilet may be experienced and you may also notice a significant increase in waste content.

Day 7-10

Now that the majority of bad bacteria has been removed, you should begin to notice all the aforementioned side effects begin to diminish.

Here is where you will experience the greatest sense of gut relief and your digestion and bowel movements will begin to regulate.

Where to next?

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Begin your journey of rejuvenation with the first pillar of the 4 key pillars of health and get your GutRight now!

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