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Cortidrine is our advanced tranquility and vitality supplement. Primarily designed for supporting clarity, inner peace and total serenity. When we are struggling to gain composure, feeling over-worked and dealing with family and social pressures, it puts an immense burden on us. This comes at a high cost. In the short term our resilience is suppressed, everything slows to a grinding halt, and we are robbed of vitality. In the long-term we become sloppy, tension builds, structure begins to collapse and eventually everything deteriorates.

Cortidrine Formula

Our tranquility and vitality formula – Cortidrine, uses a combination of ingredients, each with a specific role in combating this adversity and improving overall function.
These pressures are pervasive and potentially harmful. For some of us it even seems to be a way of life. Understanding it and finding ways of dealing with it effectively are key. Cortidrine can take you into a state of vitality, positivity and total bliss.

Key Points

  • The only tranquility product to target both imminent and ongoing pressures
  • Reduces and resets pre trainer tolerance
  • Contains advanced ingredients at levels that alleviate workout lows but don’t cause sluggishness
  • Improves overall bliss and serenity

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