6 Pack Fitness Beast Duffle Bag

6 Pack Fitness Beast Duffle Bag

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Any duffle (even your sneaker duffel) can serve as a gym bag. For serious gym rats, however, nothing’s going to mirror the function of the Six Pack Beast Duffle, which comes equipped with compartments and accessories to accommodate all your workout needs.

Like any well-designed gym bag, it comes with a spacious main compartment for any clothes and equipment you need to bring to the gym, along with a dedicated shoe compartment so your trainers can stay in their own place. Unlike them, there’s even a dedicated removable compartment for a meal bag, complete with six containers for packing pre- and post-workout meals, along with any sports nutrition supplements you want to bring along.

Features include two ways of attaching the included strap (either on the shoulder or across the body), a back panel that can slide over a luggage handle (for travel), and 840D ballistic nylon construction. It measures 23.5 x 12 x 11 inches (l x w x h).

The Six Pack Beast Duffle is available now, priced at $161.99.

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